Bitp the world's first masternode4.0 public payment public chain -- black horse!
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With the development of blockchain technology and the increasing volume of digital currency payment, people's pursuit of digital currency payment experience is getting higher and higher. Who can adapt to the demand, who can make the best of experience, and solve the impossible triangle problem, can lead the future of digital currency payment in the era of chain merchants.


Bitp (bit protocol) bit protocol is developed by the Hebe team, which has participated in the research and development of bitcoin, Dasco and PwC after two and a half years. It is the first efficient blockchain ecological platform in the world that adopts keccak multi reselection cyclic encryption algorithm and BPOs mining and master node assignment consensus mechanism to realize anonymous transfer, instant payment and flash exchange transaction. It aims to solve the problems of slow transaction confirmation, serious privacy leakage and poor scalability in the process of blockchain digital asset transaction.

1、Faster transfer:

Bitp builds a brand-new payment system based on multi-layer cyclic encryption technology, which provides a one-stop payment solution for all users in bitp ecology, and opens a bridge between users and businesses for fast and free transactions. BPOs master node mining mechanism greatly improves the confirmation speed of transaction transfer. The master node network all over the world can lock transactions instantaneously, surpassing the tedious layer by layer confirmation mechanism of bitcoin and Ethereum network, and solves the problem of transaction delay, and the transfer can be completed in only one second.

2、Flash cash is more convenient:

Users can not only use bitoken to store and manage bitcoin and Ethereum in addition to bitp

Other digital assets, such as bitoken, can also quickly realize different digital assets through the flash exchange trading function in bitoken

The exchange service greatly reduces the difficulty of management and use of digital assets, and effectively promotes digital assets

Flexible circulation.

3、More private transactions:

In technology, bitp has gone beyond some existing public chains characterized by anonymous payment and adopts standard non trust system

And a series of improvements have been made on the core concept of coinmix. Bitoken can generate unlimited addresses and hide its total assets. Through the coin mix technology, users can initiate anonymous transaction application in bitp system, and the "BPOs master node" completes the mixed currency service, confuses the transaction, hides the real transfer address, avoids others to track the fund trend through data coloring or address marking, and truly realizes the anonymity of the transaction. Bitp has specially set up the darksend transaction transfer method for user payment. By combining multi-party (at least three parties) transfer funds together, bitp ensures that once integrated, it can not be split again, so as to achieve high security and theft prevention, and further enhance the privacy of transactions.

4、More secure network:

Bitp uses the passive operation mechanism of darksend to connect users' clients through the primary node

Once the client enters the master node, the anonymous amount of funds will be queued and broadcast in the whole network in turn

The user identity will not be exposed, and only three participants are limited in each round of darksend, so as to improve the attack difficulty and ensure the overall stability and security of bitp (bit protocol).

5、Decentralized and more thorough BPOs consensus mechanism:

Bitp has created four layers of masternode4.0 node mortgage mining in the master node mode, which enables more people to participate in the bit protocol main network. The participating nodes only need a fixed number of bitps to deposit into the PC or mobile wallet, and then rent a server at low cost to obtain the public network IP, then they can build and obtain the block reward. Its advantages are that high energy consumption and high cost become low energy consumption, low cost, more fair, open and fair. Nodes can be built flexibly and can be released at any time. Participants can flexibly control their own assets. For example, 3000bitp nodes can participate in the allocation of 3000bitp / day total reward.


Since the bitp (bit protocol) main network of bit protocol was launched, relying on strong technology and decentralization concept, it has been pursued by many geeks. Now it is quietly building miners' Alliance and layout ecosystem, which has the potential to become a black horse of blockchain payment public chain in the era of chain merchants.

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