Bitp, the world's first BPOS technology, Shocked the whole blockchain circle
2020-10-12 11:20:39 Primitive Reading


Bitp (bit protocol) bit protocol is a super public chain developed by the Hebe team after two and a half years, which is composed of four technical teams: bitcoin, dascoin, PwC and xDNA. It is intended to provide a network that can truly carry boundless payment in the era of chain merchants.
Bitp is the first efficient blockchain ecological platform in the world, which uses keccak multi reselection cyclic encryption algorithm, BPOS mining and master node assignment consensus mechanism to realize anonymous transfer, instant payment and flash exchange transactions. It aims to solve the problems of slow transaction confirmation, serious privacy leakage and poor scalability in the process of blockchain digital asset transaction. With the help of coinmix technology, users can start anonymous transaction application in bitp system, and "BPOS master node" completes the mixed currency service and confuses the transaction. Hide the real transfer address, avoid other people through data coloring or address marking, track the direction of funds, and truly achieve the anonymity of transactions.
Bitp's BPOS consensus mechanism is the first in the world to achieve the decentralized public chain by following the principle of fair, open and fair four-layer master node accounting in turn, through the mobile end wallet, mining by self renting server, leading the whole nation to mine. Since the main network was launched, it has been sought after by many geeks. The pledge rate is very high, the chips are extremely scattered, the consensus is unprecedented strong, and the growth space is infinite. Now, it has logged into ZT exchange!

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